When is it time to revamp your website?
When is it time to revamp your website?

It is easy to let certain things slip, while you go through your day, attending to the more immediate demands of your business. One thing business owners tend to neglect is their website.

There is a lot of enthusiasm when you first start your website. Whether you hired a web designer, or designed the website yourself, you felt proud of how it represented you and your company. What few busy entrepreneurs remember is that your website needs to be updated on a regular basis.

The reasons for keeping your website up to date could be because of new product launches, or to let your clients know what is new and dynamic within your business, such as a change in personnel. Perhaps you have re-branded your company, but in the excitement forgotten about your website.

I have seen many businesses, forget this, and soon, their brand new shiny website, is several months old, or worse yet several years out of date.

Besides losing the opportunity to use your website to keep in touch with your clients, the other downside to not updating or overhauling your website, could be a vulnerability to security. Did you know that older websites that were designed with html, now have a lot of security vulnerabilities?

One of the best ways to keep your site fresh and dynamic is to allocate this important function to a website professional. For a small monthly fee your website can remain interesting and current to your visitors.






Why Revamp Your Website? Part I
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