Last post, we talked about the different types of marketing methods that you can use, such as email, e-newsletters, printed newsletters, website, social media, radio and television, and magazines. These are also known as channels.
Once you have chosen a marketing channel, make sure that you have chosen the right media partner, that will release your advertisements on a timely basis.
For example during my years in the automotive industry, we would attend trade shows, and often receive months later, leads from the show organizers. By the time we received those leads, those potential clients had no idea that they had filled out a form for more information about our products.
Another issue we often saw occur in another industry, was that time sensitive ads would be placed in industry magazines, only to have publication of the issue delayed.
The result? Promotional offers, announcements of upcoming trade show events often had transpired before the target audience received notification.
So choose your advertising partners carefully!
Choose the Right Media Partner!
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